How to Use



The Sucklebuckle

A nursing device to prop your top so you don’t have to.

How to use the Sucklebuckle:

  1. Hook one end of the Sucklebuckle to the strap of your nursing bra or nursing tank.
  2. Drop the Sucklebuckle under your top so it is hanging from your nursing bra or nursing tank.
  3. Grab the bottom end of the Sucklebuckle and wrap the Sucklebuckle around the bottom of your top and up towards the strap of your nursing tank or nursing bra.
  4. Hook the bottom end of the Sucklebuckle to the strap of your nursing bra or nursing tank and tighten to the desired amount.

About the Sucklebuckle

Throughout nursing each of my 3 children, I was often aware of the many challenges that accompanied the joys of nursing. While always wanting to focus on those joys, I was frequently frustrated at some of the difficult mechanics surrounding nursing – i.e., getting situated in a comfortable spot; unbuttoning, untying, opening up, lifting up and/or holding up my shirt; accessing my nursing bra or nursing tank; facilitating latching, etc., all while trying to calm a hungry, fussy baby and often holding up my shirt with my chin.

As each nursing experience came and went, I was reminded of these logistical challenges and eventually developed the Sucklebuckle to alleviate at least some of this hassle. The Sucklebuckle props your top so you don’t have to and allows a nursing mother to more easily nurse while wearing a non-nursing top.

Christine M. Prill, Founder, CMWP, LLC



Take a look at what others are saying about the Sucklebuckle.

Sucklebuckle is the best! Great product that has made nursing so much easier. Recommend to all nursing moms.
What an amazing product! Made nursing my little guy so much easier by not having to hold my top up or always having to wear a nursing shirt.
The Sucklebuckle could be every new mom’s secret weapon for stress free feeding time with baby.

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